War of Sex

June 2nd, 2014

I can’t see blood, it makes me faint. I lived at my parents home until 30, never had to work or study, there were always somebody to clean my bedroom, almost no responsabilities. All day watching TV, or playing soccer with my neighbours. Passing some time with my girlfriend, walking or watching movies. But everything changed in Sarajevo after the war. My parents died, and my house gets destroyed. My girlfriend moved to another country, and I got no news about her. We used to see war as something distant, where people die, somebody wins and somebody loose. When you live the war is a lot more than that. The worst is not the ones who died, but the ones who survived, having to live without the ones who left this world. Its very hard. Almost everyone have to start from scratch, and re make their lives. I was one of them. Searching for a job, a place to stay on, a bathroom to take a shower. Its weird, I cant see blood, but I get a job in a hospital as administrative, and lived in unused bedrooms. Some time after, a doctor rent me a room in his parents house, and I bought some used stuff and clothes. I noticed the doctor used another room when he get girls. And he used it very often, with different girls. Casual sex seems to be a good option for somebody like me, not ready yet for a relationship. Between pacients, I asked the doctor how to do that, whats the way, how he get that girls. He told me: Im a doctor, all the girls want sex with a doctor, and smiled. But that was not true. Cleaning his office, one day, I saw his computer on, and wathced his browser history, and then found the answer. As I have Internet on my job too, I decided to take a chance and try. After six months, the doctor get curious too, and asked me: hey, it seems you are doing very well too now, whats your secret? …and I responded: All the girls wants sex with a handsome like me :)

True Cheaters

April 30th, 2013

True cheaters? …I mean, there are False Cheaters? Of course not, what I mean is like Very Good Cheaters, Cheaters with Experience, like the ones in my team. If are a novice cheating, we will teach you all the skill you need and more. If are an experienced cheater, we will show you some news, some stuff that helps, and how to use the latest tecnologies in a safe way, to avoid being caught. Novices should learn what Poker Face means, how to lie without the face of “Im liying right now”, how to sustain your lie against all odds. Experienced cheaters should learn how to use computers, web browsers and cell phones without traces, what a keylogger is, what a sniffer is, etc. At truecheater.com you will find more info about it.

The Best and Fast Lipsense Delivery

February 5th, 2013

Wow! Are you ever fast.  I received my 2 party pink lipsense TODAY…Didn’t I just order yesterday? Huh??? You are amazing! Thanks so much and I am loyal for life. You know that I never send you a review that is this short so make certain to read the funny part to follow.

Thought it would best that I share that my sister went to your website and asked me to find out what color you have on in your video??  Don’t you think that’s funny because I asked you the same thing? Lol You said all those years ago that it was 2 layers of Current, 1 layer of Red Cherry with pearl gloss. Right?
You are the best.

Need a Good Law Firm

September 26th, 2011

Are you planning to hire a lawyer? So here are some tips on how to get a good Law firm for your case.

First thing you need to do is search not only online for a law firm also search on news papers and other medias ads. When you got enough information ask to people you may know if they knew or trust in the company you are planning to hire. Most the time those are your best bet since people often has personal issue that’s require a good lawyer. After you got this accomplished set a meeting with the law firm and take your notes about your impressions don’t be superficial  try to be as critical as possible and will be better if you go to that meeting with a Q & A list.

After That is also nice to check online on forums and blogs related to the law firm you are interested in good example of it is this article related to wellsrawling.com law firm. If I were looking for this company to represent me on a court I will try to search for another company with clean records and not involved in porn or adult troubles.

So hope I’ve been useful to you and remember the cleaner the company is the better results you will have. Good Luck in the court.

About The Blue Method

August 12th, 2011

The Blue Method experience is like none other in independent music today. With years of travelling and 2 studio albums already under their belts, the new album Volume LIVE proves The Method to be much more than your average funk band. By combining their blues, funk, rock, and jazz influences with sprinkles of hip-hop and experimental improv, the group has created their own genre: Power Soul.
Hailing from “Jersadelphia,” The Blue Method was forged by guitarist Mike Patriarca and saxophonist Tom Long with the larger than life vocalist Brian Williams. Following the release of the critically-acclaimed album Kill the Music: Vol. 1, the Method added long-time friend and drummer Theron Shelton to the mix, also releasing the hit album Kill the Music, Vol. 2. With two albums released and close to 200 shows annually ranging from Montana, Vermont, North Carolina, and every place in between, the fellas filled the bass void with energetic Philadelphia musician Rah M. Sungee, rounding out the sound of the Blue Method and elevating the stage show to a new level. Veterans of the road individually and collectively, The Blue Method has shared the stage with the likes of John Scofield, Ozomalti, Fred Wesley, Lauryn Hill, Fishbone, Chick Corea, Soulive, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Otiel Bainbridge of the Allman Brothers, Leela James, and Ween.

The Blue Method’s new album Volume LIVE builds on the momentum created by their previous efforts and showcases their instrumental stage chops, matched only by their mature, down-to-earth songwriting. Featuring some reworked favorites from Volumes 1 & 2 and a host of new songs, Volume LIVE is a must have for all TBM fans, new and old alike!

Hello world!

October 20th, 2009

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